Acts of Love

Monday, August 01, 2016

“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” (Hebrews 6:10)

The other day, a friend and I came to the decision to clean the house for my mom while she was out of town. Why? Because we wanted her to know how much we loved her. When she came home, the kindness moved her to tears. She expressed as best as she could how much she appreciated our gesture. Success stories like that make it easy to love people.

But what about those who are hard to love? Does God really expect us to reach out to them?

We show God our love for Him through our extended action in how we love others. The work we do for the Lord is a direct reflection of our hearts. I’m sure you’ve heard the popular phrase, “Actions speak louder than words -” but have you ever thought about how true it is? We can say we love God all we want, but how often do we actually prove those words?

Love is a powerful thing, but it’s not always comfortable. Sometimes people make it difficult to love and sometimes our efforts to love may seem futile. Although these circumstances are trying, God notices our efforts. When we are faithful in loving, Christ will then take care of the rest. We may not see a result right away, but God could be planting seeds in people’s hearts. The seemingly smallest gestures could make the biggest impact in someone’s life.

God desires and calls us to be His hands and feet - as well as be faithful in the acts of love He calls us to do. We are all children of the King who has been given world­changing potential through His Spirit. A single act of love can create a magnificent rippling effect. 

Give out the love that Christ has so freely given to you; you’ll never know how God will use you!

Father, help me to love others the way You have loved me. Bring people into my life that I can show Your amazing love to. When my efforts to love seem hopeless and vain, remind me that You can make beauty from ashes. Help me to be faithful to Your call to love others. Break my heart for what breaks Yours and teach me to see people through Your eyes. Thank You for Your immense love for humanity. Amen.

Who is God bringing to mind that you can show love to today?

How can you show that person Christ’s love?
How have you seen love change someone’s (or your own) life? Why do you think love is so important?

Written by: Mikayla Moreen 

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