A Time To: Seek & Lose

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Time To: A Whole Teens Mini-Series
September 21: A time to seek, and a time to lose.

"..A time to seek, and a time to lose." (Ecclesiastes 3:6a)

When I read that verse, I think of when, as a kid, I wanted to do something, asking my mom and waiting for a response. If her answer was disappointing, I would debate asking again or just accepting the answer I'd been given. In that moment, I was trying to determine whether I should seek it out or just let it go.

Or if you've wanted to know something that someone didn't want to tell you, maybe a friend started to bring something up and then abruptly quit talking about it, so you began to pry at them, trying to get them to share the information. If they stubbornly prove to refrain from talking, you might try to refrain from talking, you might try to read the situation trying to discern if it is time to let it go or not.

Similarly, in our lives, we may find ourselves chasing after something, pursuing it without much reward to show for our efforts, while God is telling us that it is time to move on. Being in a season of seeking something out can be difficult when it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere. In these situations, it's important to seek out the direction of God and allow Him to guide your steps. There is a time to be persistent in your pursuit of opportunities and goals, but there is also a time to let go and allow God to redirect you.

This may feel like a "loss," or like you're missing out on something, but when God puts us in a season of loss, He always has a greater opportunity around the corner.

If you find that you're currently enduring a season of loss, or what may feel like a season of "missing out," God may be trying to tell you it's time to seek again. It may be time to pursue opportunity again. Listening to God is the ultimate goal as the seasons change in our lives.

We only get to see and experience the small-scale, zoomed-in individual seasons, while God is viewing the full-picture season-by-season outline of our whole life. God is always available and eager to give us guidance, He can help us to recognize the seasons we are enduring and give us direction as we walk through them.

Dear Lord, thank You for Your perfect timing, the seasons you allow me to walk through, and the changes you bring to my life. This week I pray for clarity and a peace as I recognize the seasons I'm walking through right now. Help me to be open to what You have for me this week, as I come to You for guidance and direction. Amen.

Do you feel like God is calling you to let go of, and essentially "lose" in some areas?
Or is God telling you, the time of sitting back is over, it's time to pursue an opportunity?
Pay attention to yourself and try to recognize the seasons you are in as we move through the series. 

Written by: Daisy Budgick

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