The Shackles of Stress

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.” And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.” (Psalm 27:8)

Life stresses me out sometimes. I become so easily entangled by the stresses of getting everything done and the pressures of doing them well. Satan steals my joy by distracting me with business, so that I forget to look at the beauty and love of Christ. When I’m worn out and overwhelmed, I tend to overthink everything. I try to carry burdens I was not designed to carry, and hold onto stresses that are not mine to hold. My confidence becomes shaky because I begin to compare myself to others and rely on my own feeble strength instead of the inimitable and unsurpassable greatness of God.

This is not how God wanted us to live. He yearns for us to come and talk with Him; to be in His presence continually and draw our strength from Him. God wants nothing more than to be with us, and for us to better learn His heart so that we can worship Him more appropriately. In the long run, it doesn’t matter if we finish everything on our checklists, or if we get all A’s on our report cards. The Lord simply wants our hearts to respond to His still, small voice by saying, “‘Lord, I am coming.’”

So shake off the shackles of stress and pressure that you’ve been bound to for so long. It’s never too late to run into Christ’s arms and be surrounded by His embrace. Tell Satan you’re through with listening to his lies and falling into his traps of distraction and deception. Our identities and joy are found in Christ alone, so our nagging to-do-lists no longer have the power to control our days or our emotions. If we fix our eyes on our Creator, He will give us joy in our work and in times of stress.

Dear Father, thank You for Your unfailing love. Even on my worst days, Your love love still surrounds me and upholds me. Thank You for never leaving my side and for sticking with me even when I distract myself with things of little importance. Help me to slow down and pay attention to the things that truly matter in life. Teach my heart to listen to You even when I’m overwhelmed and unthankful for the blessings You’ve given me. I love you, Lord. Thank You for Your goodness. Amen.

What are you holding onto that you need to give to the Lord?
Take time this week to look to God for strength whenever you feel stressed or burdened. 

Written by: Mikayla Moreen

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