A Consistent Faith

Friday, April 21, 2017

"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." (Matthew 6:33)

"Whoever pursues righteousness and love finds love, prosperity and honor." (Proverbs 21:21)

Oftentimes, we find ourselves in painstaking waves of time when we are close with God and suddenly not. As difficult as they are to experience and deal with, they play a very big role in how we grow spiritually. While there is no doubt that these waves will occur, there are ways to try and balance them as best we can.

Consistency is extremely important in maintaining a healthy relationship with God. Making sure that we set aside that daily time to engage with the Lord gets us far.

As a girl who is just finishing up her freshman year of college, the importance of prioritizing my time with God and placing Him at the center of my schedule has really sunk in. From classes to extra-curriculars to personal time with friends, it has been difficult for me to "find the time" while I try to balance these things as well. And I can only imagine that many others find themselves in the same position.

We ask: "Where does God fit in? How could we possibly make the room for Him? I have this list of things to do - there is just not enough time." This is a lie we tell ourselves, though. We make ourselves think that we don't have enough time for Him; when in reality, we have the time. The issue, ultimately, gets down to how we spend our time and what we do with it.

Are you choosing to include or exclude the Lord from your schedule?

Including Him in your plans and allowing Him the room to be a part of your life creates a consistent faith. 

It opens the door for a more progressive and growing walk with the Lord.

Create a habit of prayer, studying His Word and focusing on His essence first. Once you do this, then move forward with the demands of daily life.

As it says in Matthew 6:33, once we seek first His kingdom and it's importance then all else will follow.

Lord, I pray that You help me to understand the importance of making time for You. I ask that as my schedule gets busier, You give me a willing heart that seeks Yours. I want to thank You for the wavering times that make for a growing relationship with You.

Sit down and write out ways you can put Him at the core of your schedule. Reach out to Him and ask Him to open up your heart to change in a timely manner. 

Written by: Haley Phelps

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